Grapefruit Experiential Hop


As triumphant as the Galaxy Hop Single Hop IPA was, the same beer brewed with Grapefruit EXP was a bit of a let down. Where I had a gauge on  the awesomeness of Galaxy, I had nothing but a name with the Grapefruit. What resulted is not bad, not at all, it is just different. It is a little bit of a tie traveler because the healthy 16.8 alpha acid produces a solidly bitter, but utterly one dimensional beer. IT is very reminiscent of cascade or a hint of Amarillo as it definitely is as named grapefruit like, but it also has that sort of dankness that cascade and centennial have to a huge degree.

When I think about this hop, and its flavor profile, I think it would really benefit from a team up with some blend of cascade/centennial, Amarillo (VGXP01), and Citra  (yrc394 vc) to get some tangerine, line and passion fruit in the mix. It just needs something to give it depth and keep it interesting.


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