007 – The worst named hop ever…

007 – The Golden Hop is a name so horrible it hurts to even type it, but new hops are my jam. Normally I make a session IPA single hop (malt blend) to highlight what is going on. This time I wanted something bigger, more traditional in the IPA realm. @ 80 IBU, double dry hopped and 7.5% this should show what there is to show.

In this case that jam in question is largely melon (honey dew) with a citrus backbone of peach. That might sound weird, but it is surprisingly good. Where things are really weird is that this high acid, high flavor hop seems to have rather little aroma. I double dry hopped with 4 ounces for 9 gallons for a total of 6 days, and there is very little aroma. What little aroma there is shows as slightly dank, marginally fruity, mostly a sort of sweet smell which is wild because the beer is extremely dry, at 7.5%with a tight, almost austere malt profile built to show off the hop. The yeast used was San Diego Super Yeast, so that is extremely neutral as well.

So on to the point. At one point this hop was called Idaho 7, which is a much better name overall, so much so that I will re-purpose it. The only reason to re-purpose is that the hop is darn interesting and worth reuse. It has a complexity that is addictive as it keeps one coming back for more, which is a good sign. What needs repair is the aroma. To close that gap I think it might work well with Galaxy as a dry hop.

Overall impression:

  • Dual use
  • Very interesting flavor
  • Rather low aroma (needs a different dry hop to win the day)
  • Plenty of bittering power
  • Definitely a hop with a futurehops0073-2015crop-2

As an addendum, this was tasted in a group setting by other home brewers at about 2 weeks after cold crash, and one week in keg. Drinking more then a very small sample it was determined that there is a coating property where the hop feels like it is draped across your tongue. It has real staying power, or in wine terms an extremely long finish. As there was almost no aroma, it was still enjoyable as the flavor is excellent in the late hop additions.

General tasting impressions by the group were: Tropical, melon, peach, mango and a late fresh cut grass on the back of the tongue.



One thought on “007 – The worst named hop ever…

  1. This curious hop has had an interesting life. At first, in June, there was little to no aroma. The tropical notes and melon were alluring, but I did not think it had enough aroma to use in that capacity. Still, I though it was an excellent hop. As it has aged, it has become more interesting, and an aroma has emerged. Now, in mid-october, it is still an interesting hop with aroma. The upside here is that this show a hop that gets more complex over time, and 4 month since brewing is a lot of time for a hop to stick versus simply disappear.


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