The Super thing about San Diego Super Yeast


San Diego Super Yeast has long rumored to be the house yeast for former White Labs yeast rancher Tomme Aurthur’s house brewing endeavors at  Port Brewing (Dank and Sticky anyone?). I am not sure if that is true or not. It is clearly similar, as it is similar to a cleaner, fast fermenting, highly flocculating relative of “Chico”. Chico hold the ash perhaps.

What is to know is that this super clean yeast works extremely well to produce brilliant beers that tend to highlight the hops. It does stay out of the way of malt flavors, but truthfully I have only used it for IPAs. I have put it through it paces with session, wet hop, and traditional IPA with great effect. I need to try it with some other styles, just so I know, but I cannot argue with the successes thus far.

So usage is important with this yeast. Start low pitching at 65. Let the temperature raise naturally to 66 and hold for 3 days.  Let the temperature come up to 68/70 for 2 or 3 days additional days to clean up, then it is done. I have literally had a large culture of this yeast ferment a 1.075 wort to 1.010 in a single, violent, day. Do be warned that you need to be ready for violent fermentation, so if you do not have a good bit of head space, you definitely need a blow off hose.

This yeast easily drops clear with a cold crash in a few days.

I cannot say enough good things, and will report on experiences with other styles.




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